New Year, New Home!

After two years of hard work, we are finally in!

We now have running, hot water in the house, electricity from solar panels and internet!

We have been living here since just after Christmas and are really enjoying it.  We get to watch the sunrise every day while having breakfast and then see the stars come out at night.  Its amazing how disconnected you get from all of this when living in the city.  In the last place we lived in, we were surrounded by buildings and never saw the moon or stars, you couldn’t even tell if it was a nice day from inside the house. Its a real pleasure to live in a house that faces south, with big windows that let the light stream right in all day long which is a massive bonus on these short winter days.

Here is a quick video showing our progress on the finca and going over the basic things that we needed to get sorted so that we could start living here.

We will make more in depth videos on each of the individual components solar, water, chickens etc.  this video is just a quickie to wish you a Happy New Year and show some signs of life as our last post was a while back.

The general pace of the build has slowed down now and we have more time for other things (apart from just trying to get in) so I will make an effort to put up videos on a more regular basis.

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Home!

    • Thanks mate!!

      I feel I have to give back or pass it forward for all of the help I have received from people on the internet. So it makes me very happy to hear that you find it inspiring.

  1. Congratulations, Tracy & Luke! What an inspiration for us all to see that YES, we can make a difference in this world and just have to find our own unique way! Can´t wait to come and see your new home! With Love & Respect, Mirjam

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