The first steps to a dream-come-true

When I went on my first date with Luke on 21st April 2012 I had never heard of Permaculture. By the end of the day I had had quite an intense introduction, as Luke explained the concept to me from the point of view of his dream, while we rock-climbed in Calvià, ate pizza on the dock in Port Andratx, and walked Luna in the forest of Paguera. We said our first goodbye under the lemon tree at his gate, a mere 20 metres from where I sit now, but not before he had bamboozled me with the plans he had drawn for Ca’n Mandala, his permaculture dream-to-come-true.

Already then, we shared a common desire to live in harmony with nature, it’s just that he had already got into much more detail about how that was going to happen! Gradually Ca’n Mandala became a dream that we dream together, a dream that is now becoming a reality. A home built with natural materials (many of which will be reclaimed), which will warm us in the winter and cool us in the summer… where we can re-use all of our waste water on the land, turning our bodily waste into compost to nourish the earth… where we can step outside and collect vegetables from our garden and fruit from our food forest… where animals will help us to farm the land, just by doing what they do best… where we can be happy living a simple life together.

Luna in Kitchen doorway

August 2012

August 2012

We are at the beginning of a very exciting journey, as we build our house and our life together, and we hope you will join us as we share our experiences, the things we learn and the mistakes we make, the joys and the challenges, the triumphs and disappointments. Join us, dear friends, and if you would like to get involved, make some suggestions, lend a hand, please feel free! Welcome one and all.

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