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  1. Hi
    Interested to know how you sized the mid point (300A) fuses in your battery bank. I have a similar dilemma, and am not sure what governs the size to be used. Presumably a margin above the max charging/discharging current of the whole system (in case all expect the final set, say, are charged)

    • Hi,

      Yes, it should just be larger than the current you would ever draw from the batteries. Mine are oversized as they are, but that isnt a problem because they can easily handle 300amp. I think the battery bank short circuit voltage is closer to 1000amp.

      If you cut it too fine they might fuse and i found those 300amp fuses for about 15€ each on ebay so not woth worrying about for the cost.

      Take a look at this guys videos, I learnt everything about mid point fusing from him:

      Hope that helps.

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